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We collaborate with teams and leaders globally to create positive change for themselves and their organizations.

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Our Services

We provide tailored coaching and leadership development programs for organizations, teams and individuals globally to help them thrive in a world of constant change.

We work with clients in person as well as via phone, Zoom, Google Meet, and various other virtual platforms.

Team Coaching

We partner with teams to improve performance and organizational health with a focus on awareness building, skills training, active listening, and helping individual members maximize their abilities.

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Individual Coaching

We work with leaders at all levels, creating awareness around their leadership style in context of their teams and organizations and offer customized coaching solutions to help them meet their career and business objectives.

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Leadership Consulting

Our services are designed to empower leaders and teams by acting as thought partners throughout their journey. We engage to understand and to develop creative solutions for challenges and conflicts that arise, particularly in areas of motivation, management, communication, executive presence, and culture enrichment.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy guides us in our journey of co-creation. These are the fundamental principles of our work that shape the process, experience, and outcomes.

You are the Expert

You are the expert on "you". We partner with you to find “your” answers!

This is a Partnership

We uncover insights together and co-create the path forward.

Clarity Counts

We invest in uncovering the root cause of issues and pave the way for addressing them.

Anchor Within

We focus on what is in your control, empowering you to take purposeful action towards growth.

The Process is Enjoyable

The work requires our focus, it’s also rewarding, filled with insightful and fun aha moments!

Communication Matters

We are intentional in our communication, with others as well as in the narratives we create within ourselves.


The Ideas Team is a coaching and leadership development company. We collaborate with a network of coaches and professionals to customize programs for all levels of management for high impact in the workplace.

Richa Malhotra

Richa Malhotra is an Executive Coach partnering with individuals and teams globally to create positive change in them and their organizations. With more than two decades of corporate experience in the financial services and the technology sectors, Richa is well versed in change and uses evidence-based scientific processes to create awareness and change and to help people operate effectively under intense pressures, changing priorities and stressors that are part of today’s rapidly evolving world.

Richa is an accredited coach with the ICF at the ACC level. She has an MBA from University of Texas at Austin and holds a Certificate in Executive Coaching from New York University (NYU) and a Certificate in Team Coaching from Brown University.

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